Jun 11, 2019

The Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A GREECE-BULGARIA 2014-2020 is launching the 6th Call for Projects Proposals.
Priority Axis 01: A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Thematic Objective 03: Enhancing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises
Investment priority 3a: Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and fostering the creation of new firms, including through business incubators
Specific Objective To Improve entrepreneurship SME support systems
The purpose of the intervention is to improve entrepreneurial support systems for SMEs in the cross-border area. This objective is to be accomplished through the establishment of business support systems/actions - through joint actions undertaken by eligible beneficiaries - which in turn will provide services to eligible area businesses. These business support systems/actions should be focused on removing barriers and bottlenecks for SMEs.
The ultimate goals of the selected thematic objectives/investment priorities are:
  1. To promote entrepreneurial culture thereby affecting the rates of new businesses formation (i.e. stimulate business creation);
  2. To strengthen the factors affecting entrepreneurial success, thereby affecting long-term success of those businesses (i.e. strengthen business stability and development).
The ultimate purpose of each project is to provide support services to existing or new businesses.
Eligible beneficiaries are stakeholders, whose major function (as indicated in their establishment act) is clearly related to providing support and promotion to entrepreneurship.
A project should include at least one beneficiary from each country (Greece and Bulgaria), situated within the eligible Programme area.
The total number of beneficiaries per project must not exceed six (6) including the LB. All beneficiaries must have clear roles in the development and implementation of the project.
The beneficiaries must be:
  1. national bodies having exclusive competences with regard to the objectives of the present call
  2. bodies governed by public law , or according to the national legislations, established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest (needs not having an industrial or commercial character) and which fulfill at least one of the following conditions:
    1. be financed, for the most part, by national, regional or local authorities, or other bodies governed by public law, or
    2. be subject to management supervision by those bodies, or
    3. have an administrative, managerial or supervisory board, where more than half of its members are appointed by the national, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies governed by public law;
  3. private organizations: i.e. non-profit organizations, NGOs, etc., founded according to private law, are eligible under the following conditions:
    1. are not established with the goal to obtain profit ;
    2. they do not distribute profits to the stakeholders, according to their constitutional framework;
    3. have their headquarters in the eligible cross border area;
No companies with commercial or industrial character are eligible for funding.
Especially for Universities and Research Centres, only one (1) Department per University or one (1) Institute per Research Centre may apply per proposal. The participating Department or Institute must have as their major academic activity the provision of support and promotion of entrepreneurship. Each University/Research Center can participate with different Departments/Institutes in up to 3 proposals.
Each applicant (either LB or PB) can participate in only one project proposal. If any applicant is found to participate in multiple project applications, all such project applications will be rejected.
Institutions located in regions outside the Programme area, but inside the two Programme participating countries, Greece and Bulgaria, can be PBs only in duly justified cases. This category of PBs should have consistent competencies (established by legal acts) with the Investment Priority of the present Call and the content of the proposal. Their participation needs to bring clear added value and expertise to the implementation of the project and for activities within or for the direct benefit of the Programme area. In all cases, the beneficiaries located outside the Programme area must be eligible according to the specific eligibility terms and conditions of this Call.
Project Beneficiaries can implement 2 types of actions:
  1. investment in business support infrastructure and systems (infrastructure will not be financed alone, without the provision of services by the supported infrastructure), and/or
  2. soft actions, i.e. services to end-recipients (businesses or prospective entrepreneurs).
The total indicative applicable Public Expenditure of the present Call amounts to € 7.000.000,00. Public Expenditure consists of  €5.950,000,00 of ERDF funds and €1.050.000,00 National Contribution by Greece and Bulgaria.
The minimum budget of a single project proposal is € 250.000,00, while the maximum budget is € 700.000,00.
  Budget line upper limits
Staff Costs (Flat Rate basis Calculation) Maximum 20% of total direct costs of the PB (excluding staff costs and O&A)
Staff Costs (real costs) Maximum 50% of the PB budget
Office and administration (Flat Rate basis calculation) Maximum 15% of the respective Staff Costs of the PB
Office and administration (Real Costs basis calculation) Maximum 4% of the PB budget
Management Costs Maximum 10% of the total PB budget (excluding Preparation Costs and FLC costs of the Greek PBs).
Preparation Costs Maximum 3% of the total project budget
  1. Activities outside the programme area, and
  2. total budget of all project partners located outside the programme area
Maximum 20% of the total project budget
First level control costs (applicable only for Greek Beneficiaries) Maximum 2% of the Beneficiary’s budget (excluded from the 10% limit of Management costs)
All activities implemented outside the Programme area should be described in a single dedicated WP in the Application Form.
Beneficiaries and activities outside the Programme area Location of Activities
Inside the Programme Area Outside the Programme Area
Location of Beneficiaries Inside the Programme area and National bodies outside the Programme area with exclusive competences No limit Maximum 20% of the total project budget
Outside the Programme area (only within Bulgaria and Greece) Maximum 20% of the total project budget Maximum 20% of the total project budget
Projects should be concluded in a period of two years (2) from the signing of the Subsidy Contract.
In order to submit a project proposal, Applicants must refer to the Applicant’s Package and to all relevant documents. Project Proposals should be submitted according to the guidelines provided in these Project Application Guidelines and the Call for Proposals (paragraph 7).
The Project Proposal must be submitted to the Programme’s Managing Authority/ Joint Secretariat (JS) in 2 Phases. All necessary details are given in the Indirect Assistance Guidelines. The deadlines for submitting a project proposal are:
  • For Phase 1
The proposal must be submitted no later than the 07/10/2019 by 15:00 hours local time (Eastern European standard time) in a single, sealed envelope. Proof of timely submission is only the reference number at the register of the Managing Authority, which will be handed to the deliverer. No proposal submitted afterwards will be accepted.

ATTENTION: The envelope/package with the Phase 1 documents must bear the following indications in English:
Investment Priority: 3a
Project Acronym: …(fill in accordingly)…
Lead Beneficiary / address: …(fill in accordingly)…
Envelope shall not be opened before the evaluation session.
RESULTS OF THE 1st PHASE (20.7.2020)
The evaluation results of the project proposals submitted under the 1st Phase of the 6th Call of the CP INTERREG V-A "Greece- Bulgaria 2014-2020" have been announced.
Out of the 49 submitted project proposals, 10 were rejected as ineligible to proceed to phase 2 of the application procedure and 39 were approved for the next phase.
List of Approved Projects   |   List of Rejected Projects
If an applicant wishes to file a complaint against the above mentioned decision of the Monitoring Committee, please refer to chapter 2.2 Submission and Management of the Complaints of the Programme and Project Implementation Manual in force.
  • For Phase 2 (via MIS platform)
The proposal must be submitted no later than 60 calendar days after the date of the notification letter with which the Managing Authority invites the partnership to submit its project proposal. No proposal submitted afterwards will be accepted. 
PHASE II - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 5/10/2020, by 23.59 local time (Eastern European standard time)

BODY CODE for MIS (31.07.2020)
In the excel file here you will find a list of the entities that already have a BODY CODE. If you do not find your entity in the list, then you have to fill in the Application Form given below:
Application form for a body code for Greek beneficiaries
Application form for a body code for Bulgarian beneficiaries
following the instruction User guide for completing the electronic Application Form and send it by email to the JS (jts_grbg@mou.gr) in order to forward your request. Please note that you have to send to the JS:
- The excel file filled in
- A scanned printed version of the excel file, signed/stamped by your legal representative. Remember to write the signatory’s name in full below the signature/stamp.

Please note that an updated version of the application manual has been published - compared to the one included in the applicant's package - and can be found here.

All questions concerning the Call must be in writing and be sent by e-mail to the address jts_grbg@mou.gr. The deadline for asking clarification questions or requesting additional information is 20 days before the deadline of the present Call. The answers shall be given through the Cooperation Programme’s website (https://old-2014-2020.greece-bulgaria.eu), and no later than 10 days before the deadline of the present Call.
- Minor rephrasing_corrections for Indirect Assistance Guidelines
- Applicant's package 1.2 (23/9/2019)
- 6th_Call for proposals_Extension_Decision (21.9.2020)
Indirect Assistance Guidelines (21.9.2020)
- Indirect Assistance Guidelines (6.10.2020) -
[modification made on page 34: "The submitted project proposals will be evaluated by two assessors, 1 Greek and 1 Bulgarian"]
- Indirect Assistance Guidelines_final ver 7 (16.6.2022 with track changes)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
- 1st set of FAQs
- 2nd set of FAQs
- 3rd set of FAQs
- 4th set of FAQs - corrigendum (07/09/2020)

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