2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4

Dec 14, 2015

Priority Axis 2: A sustainable and climate-adaptable cross-border area.

Thematic Objective 6: Preserving And Protecting The Environment And Promoting Resource Efficiency.

Investment priority 6c: Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage. Specific Objective: To valorize cross border area cultural and natural heritage for tourist purposes.
Investment priority 6d:Protecting and restoring biodiversity, soil protection and restoration and promoting ecosystem services including NATURA 2000 and green infrastructures. Specific Objective: To enhance the effectiveness of biodiversity protection activities.
Investment priority 6f: Promoting innovative technologies to improve environmental protection and resource efficiency in the waste sector, water sector, soil protection or to reduce air pollution.Specific Objective: To enhance water management.

Priority Axis 4: A socially inclusive cross-border area.

Thematic Objective 9: Promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and any discrimination.

Investment priority 9a: Investing in health and social infrastructure which contribute to national, regional and local development, reducing inequalities in terms of health status, promoting social inclusion through improved access to social, cultural and recreational services and the transition from institutional to community-based services. Specific Objective: To improve access to primary and emergency health care (at isolated and deprived communities) in the cross border area.
Investment priority 9c: Providing support for social enterprises.Specific Objective:To expand social entrepreneurship in the cross border area.

Submission Period: From  14/12/2015 to 31/03/2016 (until 16.30)

Available Budget: The total budget available for the present Call is 35.200.000,00 € (of which 29.920.000,00 € ERDF and 5.280.000,00 € National co-Financing).  
In order to avoid duplication, applicants are advised to download and consult the list of the studies conducted by projects during the Programming Period 2007-2013 by the Operational Programme Greece-Bulgaria.
2nd Call for Proposals
Applicant's Package
2.APPLICATION FORM-2nd Call-v3 (updated: 07.03.2016!)
7. JoB-2014-2020-2nd Call-V2.xls (updated: 27.01.2016!)
1. Project Application Guidelines - Summary of Modifications (updated: 22.03.2016!)
Joint Ministerial Decision (YPASYD)-NEW!-07.04.2016

Project Implementation Manual with Annexes
Studies implemented during the 2007-2013 Programming Period

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Extension of the deadline of the 2nd Call for Project Proposals
New deadline 22/04/2016

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