Project Number – MIS 5010822
Priority axis 2 - A Sustainable and Climate adaptable Cross-Border area
Investment priorities 6c - Conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage
Intervention fields 094. Protection, development and promotion of public cultural and heritage assets
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Municipality of Serres
Municipality of Petrich
Start Date Sep 01, 2017
End Date May 31, 2022
Budget 1,252,917.47 €
ERDF Contribution 1.064.979,85 €
National Contribution 187.937,62 €
CULTURAL DIPOLE project addresses the challenge of preserving and promoting cultural heritage through the implementation of two Museums, one in Serres and one in Petrich. Thus, the ultimate scope of the project is the creation of two cultural poles which will attract visitors from the whole cross border area and from abroad as well. The long-term vision is to create two cultural parks which will act as a Cultural Dipole of European significance.

Serres in Greece and Petrich in Bulgaria are near border, sister cities, with established relationships, having already cooperated in many previous projects. The listed building in the former military camp of PAPALOUKAS in Serres will be restored and converted to a Contemporary Art Museum which will house the modern art collection of “Constantin Xenakis” works. In Petrich, a building existing in the former military camp will be also restored and converted to a Museum of Petrich which will host valuable collections of archaeological, historical and other objects that are currently exhibited in the Historical Museum of Petrich. The renovation of the two old buildings will be implemented according to the principles of low energy consumption, sustainable development and accessibility. The Museum in Serres will be created as a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) that could be used as a good practice example for the area.

The proposed approach to be followed includes the implementation of construction works and the installation of electromechanical equipment, the design of the exhibition spaces and the placement of the exhibits. The project will end with the official opening of the Museums. During the project, several dissemination activities, including among others the organisation of promotion events in both cities, will be implemented, in order to promote the CULTURAL DIPOLE concept.

The CULTURAL DIPOLE will enhance the attractiveness and tourist identity of the two cities, Serres and Petrich, while new opportunities will be provided to the whole cross border area for further development and cooperation. The project will benefit the local populations of Serres and Petrich in economic and social terms, will benefit tourists interested in culture and will treasure significant European cultural assets.

During the project lifetime a proper marketing strategy will be developed towards creating a common tourist product and promoting the CULTURAL DIPOLE outside the cross border area. An integrated exploitation and sustainability plan is envisaged, to ensure that the CULTURAL DIPOLE outputs will be sustained after the completion of project activities. The cultural Dipole will be involved in major cultural events and will create syneries with other Museums of the broader national and international area. CULTURAL DIPOLE could be a transferable practice in other European areas, initiating thus a new era in the preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage for tourist purposes.  


- The Project Cultural Dipole (EN / GR / BG)
- Contemporary Art Museum ‘Constantin Xenakis’, Serres, Greece  (EN / GR)
- Constantin Xenakis - sign language (long /short verison)
- New Petrich Historical Museum (EN / BG)

D.2.3.2_Project Brochure (EN,GR,BG)
D.2.3.2_Project Leaflet (EN,BG,GR)

D.4.1.1_Building renovation and supervision in Serres
D.4.2.2_Building renovation in Petrich

D.4.4.3_Energy monitoring plan_modeling for Serres_EN
D2.3.5_Marketing strategy, exploitation and sustainability plan (EN)

Contemporary Art Museum “Constantin Xenakis” (Serres)
Website of the Contemporary Art Museum “Constantin Xenakis”

new Petrich Historical Museum

The project “CULTURAL DIPOLE” won on 25.10.2018 the second prize in the category "Transnational Thematic Tourism" at the "Destination of  Sustainable Cultural Tourism 2018 Awards”, during the 11th International Conference for Cultural Tourism that took place in Pafos, Cyprus. The award contest was organised by the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) in cooperation with Europa Nostra and European Travel Commission, supported by the Network of European Regions of Competitive and Sustainable Tourism (NECSTour).  In total 57 candidates from 15 countries had submitted applications, under 7 thematic categories. The implementation of the contest was a contribution to the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH2018), initiative on “Tourism and heritage: responsible and sustainable tourism around cultural heritage”.


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