INTERREG COOPERATION DAY 2023 - The Greece-Bulgaria Wine Road - Kavala Stop

Oct 23, 2023

On Friday 20th of October 2023, the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A "Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020" celebrated the Interreg Cooperation Day. 

This year the event was dedicated to the vine & wine since we are at the end of the harvest season and at the beginning of the wine-production season.

In this respect, we visited the semi-mountainous village of Palea Kavala in Kavala -Greece and more specific the winery of Mr. Konstantinos Lalikos which is receiving financial support by the Programme through the project LACOSTO. Mr. Lalikos toured as at the winery and presented us step-by-step the wine production procedure. Τhe tour closed with wine-tasting of some of Mr. Lalikos best wines.

The event continued with the presentation of the results of the projects DIONYSOS, LACOSTO and VINESOS which all have in common the protection, the preservation and the promotion of the local vine varieties that thrive in the cross-border area of Greece and Bulgaria and the promotion of the area as an oenotourism destination.  

Find here you the presentations made during the event and here pictures from the event.

A few words about the participating projects

Through the cooperation of two neighboring companies, a major investment project will emerge. The winery will be modernized with modern machines of French origin that ensure better grape characteristics and give a better-quality product. A Wine Wholesaler Company will be set up to promote exclusively the wines of the transnational partner, promoting not only the product but also the sense of the society that surrounds each wine.

DIONYSOS project aims at valorizing viniculture as a natural and cultural asset for developing oenotourism (vine-tourism), increasing the area’s attractiveness while enhancing preservation of the local landscape and biodiversity. As such, the project enforces cultivation of the old local vine varieties, highlights the local productive identity and applies integrated approaches to promote the area as an oenotourism destination.

The main objective of VineSOS project is to promote and enable the long-term conservation of vines, especially those in Natura 2000; to improve the conservation status of local vine varieties; to analyze and sustain local species through joint scientific work and to create mechanisms for protection and conservation of species in general that can be used for other species and regions.

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