Stories of European Cooperation: Interreg seen by young people

Jul 06, 2023

Interact has released the latest issue of “Stories of European Cooperation”, a magazine with articles that explain the benefits of Interreg projects written by young participants in the Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) programme and published by Interact in collaboration with the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR)

This issue has been inspired by the European Year of Skills: the five volunteers wrote about Interreg projects that contribute to boost citizens’ skills that are relevant to their regions. 

Thanos Efthymiou wrote about ‘Employouth’, a project which helps people build their skills to find jobs in the cross-border area between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia. Adriana Tramullas De Nys reports on Richès Karayib, an action to reveal Caribbean talents and connect artists with professionals across the region. 

Volunteer Sara Battini informs us about the Interreg Croatia-Italy project ‘CREW’ and its measures to improve skills in wetlands management. Also Silvia Guastella chose to focus on skills for the environment and reports on ‘MPA Engage’, a MED-project for the creation of adaptation plans in seven countries. Lastly, Clara Kiess recounts how Interreg Central Europe’s project ‘Social Innovation for Refugees’ provides migrants with skills for their inclusion in society.

The ‘Stories of European Cooperation’ publication aims to highlight the benefits of Interreg from the perspective of the young people who write the articles. With these stories, the IVY volunteers involved show the impact of cooperation projects to improve the skills of citizens and make regions more sustainable, together.

“These stories exemplify the quest of the younger generation for a faster and fairer transformation of our society, and for new forms of social and economic engagement. And this is certainly good news for EU cohesion policy,” writes Slawomir Tokarski in the introduction.

Read the Stories of European Cooperation 

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