May 09, 2019

The deadline for the submission of applications under the 5th Call of the CP INTERREG VA “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” has been extended.The new deadline is Friday, the 14.06.2019, 15.00h. 

Find below:
- the official decision for the 5th Call amendment
- the revised Call document "Direct Assistance Guidelines"
- the list with the modifications made in the Call document
- the revised ANNEX I_3
Important note 1: ANNEX I_1, was shared as a template of the Application Form, prior to the operation of the SAMIS system. The submitted proposals will be evaluated based on the AF that is generated by SA MIS system and NOT based on ANNEX I_1, which is a helping tool and does not have to be submitted. 

Important note 2: In case an applicant has already submitted an AF in SAMIS and wants to modify it because of the Call extension, s/he has to follow the steps indicated on page 34 (at the bottom) of the Call document “Direct Assistance Guidelines” (revised and uploaded on the website on 09/05/2019):  “Cancellation of an application that has been submitted is allowed up until two (2) working days before the Call deadline. The cancellation request can be submitted through the State Aid Information System at www.ependyseis.gr/mis. This action allows the beneficiary to submit another application – if desired – within the remaining time until the Call deadline.”
The applicant cannot re-open and edit the submitted AF. S/he have to cancel the old AF and create a new one from scratch.
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