Enhancing biodiversity through sustainable management and protection of rare species habitat in Nestos and Ardas rivers and the Rodopi Mountain Range


Project Number – MIS 5011464
Priority axis 2 - A Sustainable and Climate adaptable Cross-Border area
Investment priorities 6d - Protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services, including through Natura 2000, and green infrastructure
Intervention fields 085. Protection and enhancement of biodiversity, nature protection and green infrastructure
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace
Beneficiaries Decentralized Administration of Macedonia & Thrace, General Directorate of Forests & Rural Affairs
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Xanthi
Hellenic Ornithological Society
Regional Industrial Association - SMOLYAN
Foundation "Arbitra"
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Start Date Nov 10, 2017
End Date Dec 31, 2021
Budget 834.216,11 €
ERDF Contribution 709.083,69 €
National Contribution 125.132,42 €
Website http://www.wildlife4ever.eu
Wild Life for Ever project has been developed in order to confront with the problem of inadequate biodiversity protection policies in Southern Bulgaria and North Eastern Greece. The area has significant importance from environmental and ecology point of view. One of the main reasons that they are considered to be so important is that they demonstrate a remarkable biodiversity since they constitute the natural habitat (permanent or occasional) for a large number for endangered species of the fauna and flora (endemic and migratory). Furthermore they are a part of the eastern European corridor of the bird’s migration.

Main reason of failure of present implemented strategies is that they are fragmented and do not consider local communities and their participation as a key element oin the development and the appliance of these policies.  S.Bulgaria and N.E. Greece despite the administrative borders is a unified environmental site with common or even the same ecological features. There is no point to implement biodiversity policies in the administrative borders of modern countries. These policies if we want to be effective must be implemented simultaneously and with close cooperation between the biodiversity protection authorities of both countries.

The overall objective of this project is the development of new, united, integrated, and flexible strategy of protection and restoration of the biodiversity initially at three targeted habitats, namely Nestos Straits and Southern Rodopi Mountains in Greece and Ardas river for the part that belongs to Bulgaria (241 km).

Main outputs of the program are a unified biodiversity database, the use of state of the art flying surveillance equipment, the development of a model for Risk Assessment in Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria, improving and upgrading existing biodiversity protection infrastructure in Greek territory, upgrading & updating existing management plans for biodiversity in the Greek Region, establishing of a single new Quality Label, development of a dedicated website.

The project has been designed in the framework of know how dissemination, and interaction between beneficiaries, local authorities and local communities. Another key element of the project is the use of good practices, knowledge and methods that have been produced other products in the past. In other words the project is mentioned to build on current knowledges as well as to produce know knowledge.

The ultimate purpose is to accomplish a double task, to improve biodiversity protection policies and conditions and at the same time to promote local communities development and growth.



D.2.1.2_Deluxe edition guide_EN.GR
D.2.1.2_Project Borchure EN.GR
D.2.4.2_Nestos flyer_GR
D.2.7.2_Project Flyer_BG.EN

D.2.3.2_Booklet Quality Lable_GR
D.4.3.1_Establishing of a new Quality Label_Study_EN

D.3.1.1_Collection of existing data & summarization_GR (EN abstract)
D.3.4.1_Collection and update of existing ornithological data for Special Protection Areas GR (EN abstr)
D.3.7.1_Collection of existing data & summarization_BG (EN abstr)

D.3.1.1_Common Database The GIS database was offers opportunities for categorization and filtering of spatial data and information on biodiversity on the territory of the rivers Nestos and Arda and the Rhodope Mountain Range in the region of Bulgaria and Greece. In addition, the database can serve as a tool for future informed decision-making on habitat and species conservation measures, development of management plans for protected sites and areas, and other biodiversity conservation measures.
D.4.7.5_Web based info point to ensure local public`s access Page is dedicated to the biodiversity of the Rhodope region and the rivers Struma and Mesta. The platform contains information about the protected areas, plant and animal species in the area.The section "Protected areas and species" presents information on protected areas and Natura 2000 sites, as well as protected species. For the convenience of visitors and tourists, interesting tourist attractions, tips and useful links are included.

D.3.2.3_Upgrade of the Management Plan for conservation of CBC vulnerable species (flora, fauna,habitats)_GR (EN abstr)

D.3.2.4_Strategies for conservation of the 3 most vulnerable & prioritized species.habitats based on the risk assessment results _GR (EN abstr)
D.3.4.4_Strategy for the conservation of the necrophagous species in special protection areas GR1140008 Kentriki Rodopi & Koilada Nestou and GR112004 Stena Nestou and the wider area_GR (EN abstr)
D.3.7.4_Strategies for conservation of the most vulnerable bird species in the Natura 2000 protected sites on the Bulgarian territory of Arda river,_EN

D.3.7.2_Model for Risk Assessment in Natura 2000 sites_EN

D.5.5.1-4_Flying surveillance system requirements, specs, performance_EN

D.4.4.3_Study on the adaptation / restoration of existing necrophagous birds’ supplementary feeding station at Livera in Ksanthi and Agios Kosmas in Kavala._GR (EN abstr)

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