Project eTOURIST_Final Events_Press Release

May 31, 2022

The final events of the project eTOURIST of the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” were organized in Alexandroupolis, Greece from 25 to 27 May 2022.

Representatives of administrations, community centers and business from Haskovo region took part, who had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of their colleagues in Greece, to exchange experiences and ideas and to plan joint projects to improve the tourism potential of the cross border area. The events were organized by the three Project Beneficiaries from Greece - Association of Municipalities DIMOSINETERISTICS EUROS SA; Ethnographic Museum of Thrace - Ageliki Gianakidou in Alexandroupolis and Partnership of Active Citizens in Sapes.

The project explored the natural and cultural heritage and traditional foods and wines of the Haskovo and Evros districts, which can be read on the interactive digital web portal "Cultural and Natural Heritage of Haskovo-Evros": and Through the portal, an application with routes and information about cultural and natural sites of the territory of the two border areas can be downloaded to any mobile device. The application also offers many interesting facts about traditional cuisine and wine, typical for the regions of Haskovo and Evros.
The participants were acquainted with the achieved results of the project; gastronomic and wine routes of the region were presented to them, as a key tool for the perspective of cross-border development, complementing the attractions of southern Bulgaria and northern Greece, established as a factor in the development of the tourism sector.

The interest of the hosts, citizens and guests of Alexandroupoli was aroused by the organized exhibition of customs and products presented by the participants from Haskovo region during the two-day festival - part of the final events.

Apart from having the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful costumes from the Haskovo region and feel the rhythm coming from the heart while catching the Bulgarian dance, the Greek participants also tasted the unique taste of milk and dairy products, sausages and local specialties, wine and honey, which the Bulgarian participants offered them with a smile and neighborly goodwill.

For their part, the Greek beneficiaries had taken care to present the region of Evros with manufactured products typical of their region, as well as the traditions that accompany them to the present day. The Bulgarian delegation tasted prepared traditional dishes, for which everyone agreed that they are very similar to the Bulgarian ones - not only because of their taste, but also because of the love with which they are prepared. Love - which brings people together and for which there are no borders.

At the end of the third day, all participants shook hands to work for everything that unites the people on both sides of the border and especially for achieving growth that will provide other opportunities for lasting and promising partnerships based on common traditions, experience and values.
The e TOURIST project practically ended with these final events, but certainly during their implementation many partnerships with a promising future were launched.


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