Project "AGROFFICIENCY": 3rd Project Meeting

Feb 07, 2022

On the 31st of January 2022, Greek Association of Supply Chain Management (PB No3), organized the 3rd project meeting of the project “Enhancing the Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth in the Agrofood sector through promotion of Circular Economy”, with acronym “AGROFFICIENCY“ and Subsidy Contract No.B6.3a.09/13.04.2021, which is funded under the Sixth Call for Project Proposals of the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V - A "Greece - Bulgaria 2014 - 2020", in Thessaloniki. The meeting was chaired by Professor Dimitrios Vlachos, President of the Greek Association of Supply Chain Management, with the participation of all project beneficiaries, either with physical or remote presence.  

Project beneficiaries presented the state of play of their implementation, 10 months after the project initiation, and discussed in depth implementation details on certain deliverables. The majority of the beneficiaries have assigned most of their tenders and are speeding up with implementation of WP3. Within the first weeks of February the questionnaire/ research tool for the quantitative research of Del. 3.1 ’Study of the State of the Art of Agrofood Sector in the Cross Border area’ and Del. 3.2 ‘Study on Circular Economy & Environmental Impact’, will be dispatched to project related SMEs, who are kindly requested to contribute to the project scope. 

The partnership decided that the next Info Day will be organized in April 2022 (2-4/4/2022) within the context of Detrop / International exhibition for food, beverages, machinery equipment & packaging, in Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre.  Agri food entrepreneurs and mainly local newly established and potential SMEs, are vigorously encouraged to participate, so as to be greatly benefited from Agrofficiency project, providing them the necessary knowledge, cost-effective strategies and contacts and helping them lay strong foundations in the agrifood sector market.

The meeting was concluded with useful decisions for the progress of the project implementation, updating the timeplan and solving all problems encountered so far, during project implementation. For more information, please visit project’s website:

Press release EN/GR.

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