Nov 13, 2020   Park hotel “Europe”, Haskovo

ARBITRA Foundation as a beneficiary of the project “Enhancing biodiversity through sustainable management and protection of rare species habitat in Nestos and Ardas rivers and the Rodopi Mountain Range”, has the pleasure to invite you to the seminar entitled "ILLEGAL TREE CUTTING, POISONING AND HUNTING". The event will take place on Friday, November 13, 2020 from 10:00 a.m., at Park hotel “Europe”, Haskovo.

The project is implemented by 7 partners from the cross-border region of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Hellenic Republic, including public and NGOs on both sides. The goals of the project are related to uniting the efforts on both sides of the Bulgarian-Greek border, for protection of the biological diversity in 3 main cross-border territories along the rivers Arda and Mesta, as well as the Rhodope Mountain range. The project exchanges good practices and models for implementation on Bulgarian and Greek territory, given the similarity of the ecological characteristics of these territories. An important part of the project activities is the "Study and planning of biodiversity conservation in the cross-border area with the Hellenic Republic", as a result of which:
1. A database for biodiversity has been developed within the boundaries of the studied territories along the Arda River, the Mesta River and the Rhodope Mountain range;
2. A model for risk assessment for natural habitats and species of Natura 2000 protected areas has been developed;
3. Strategies have been developed for the protection of three of the most vulnerable species / habitats of the Natura 2000 protected areas along the Arda River on Bulgarian territory.

During the event, guests will receive the prepared documents in electronic format in order to use the data in the development of future Management Plans for Natura 2000 protected areas.


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