Kick-off meeting of the project with acronym

Dec 15, 2017   Thessaloniki (Greece), 15/12/2017

The kick-off meeting was hosted in the amphitheater Stefanos Dragoumis of the Museum of Byzantine Culture, 2 Stratou Anenue, Thessaloniki Greece on Wednesday 13 December 2017. The meeting started at 10:30 and ended at 14:30.

The project involves the following participants:
Lead Beneficiary: Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports / General Directorate of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage / Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Project beneficiary 2: Ministry of Interior (Sector of Macedonia - Thrace)
Project beneficiary 3: Municipality of Amphipoli
Project beneficiary 4: Faculty of Arts, South-West University "Neofit Rilski" (Bulgaria)
Project beneficiary 5: Municipality of Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria)
Project beneficiary 6: Region of Central Macedonia
Project beneficiary 7: Life Long Learning Level 2 Center of Region of Central  Macedonia Regional Unit of Serres

The main objective of the project is to preserve historical, archaeological and cultural assets of cross-border area in order to develop an integrated cross-border thematic destination will allow to improve tourists mobility within cross border area and achieve sustainable tourism development utilizing cross-border significance historical heritage. This will be achieved through small infrastructure interventions in order to be rehabilitated the archaeological findings. Moreover, the development of a new approach on managing and integrating cultural assets will indicate a number of actions and good practices (workshops, training, events, street events), where some of them will be pilot implemented in Amphipoli’s and Blagoevgrad’s area.
During the kick-off meeting, all project beneficiaries' regal representatives introduced their background, presented their deliverables, discussed and planned the actions that they will implement in the next 6 months. Finally, they defined the milestones and argued that each project partner should plan the time framework for the actions to be implemented in the start-up period of the project and the events' timetable. The kick-off meeting was also attended by the Coordinator of Joint Secretariat, Mr. Kiriakos Fotiadis, Mr. Dimitris Liatsis from the Managing Authority and the Project’s Officer from the Joint Secretariat Mrs. Emiliya Doncheva-Tzivanopoulou.

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