Nov 12, 2021   Thessaloniki


The Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, as beneficiary of the EnvironmentYou (Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth-run SMEs) project, invites you to participate in the International Exchange Visit organized on Friday 12-11-2021 in Thessaloniki.

The EnvironmentYou project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and by national funds of the countries participating in the Cooperation Programme Interreg VA ‘Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020’. The project aims at the successful dissemination and effective implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in start-up, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) focusing on agricultural activities in the cross-border region of Greece-Bulgaria.

The exchange visit will take place in three (3) enterprises of the Agri-Food Sector in the region of Thessaloniki and is addressed to the project beneficiaries, as well as to executives and employees of enterprises that, either belong to the agricultural or related sectors, or are involved in various phases of implementation of Environmental Management Systems.

The purpose of the event is to inform the participants regarding the advantages of Biological Agriculture and Green Entrepreneurship, the connection of the Agri-Food Sector with the protection of the environment and the "internal" process of development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Moreover, the visit will give the chance to the participants to exchange knowledge and good practices, as well as to promote the cross-border collaboration.

Register until Wednesday 27-10-2021 at:

Find here the programme of the exchange visit.

Accommodation and local transports for participants outside the region of Thessaloniki will be provided free of charge.

Due to limited number of places available for participants, priority rules may apply.

To attend the exchange visit, participants should have with them a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination or recovery (up to 6 months) prior to the event.

For more information about the project, please call +302310403056 or email

Invitation / Agenda

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