Market Changer


Project Number – MIS 5070788
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3a - Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and fostering the creation of new firms, including through business incubators
Intervention fields 066. Advanced support services for SMEs and groups of SMEs (including management, marketing and design services)
Lead Beneficiary Agency for Transnational Training and Development
Start Date Apr 13, 2021
End Date Oct 12, 2023
Budget 628.708,77 €
ERDF Contribution 534.402,45 €
National Contribution 94.306,32 €
Despite the great changes taken place in the recent decades at global level (concentration of trade in a small number of worldwide acting retail chains, penetration of local markets by international businesses etc.), with a direct impact on local economies, MarCh assumes that local businesses still provide critical potentials, which if properly deployed may lead local enterprises to success and growth: product quality in some cases, low pricing in others, along with long presence and tradition in local markets, proximity to customers etc. can make up the basis for local SMEs to survive and grow. However what local businesses are missing is common strategies based on local advantages, diversification, adoption of innovation and know how, access to competences and skills, access to specialized experts, appropriate marketing strategies and schemes and access to other markets.
To meeting above shortages MarCh designs local growth strategies and visions, locates strengths and weaknesses at the local business communities and builds up Business Support Structures in the application areas. A bundle of activities (strengths – weaknesses’ diagnoses, business plans for existing businesses and startups, coaching and counselling along with training seminars) aim at upgrading business performance and competitiveness, while a series of tools at local and cross border level (e-market platform, digital data base for experienced professionals, labor market internet platform) improve the business environment in the two areas and enhance the Cross – Border aspect of the project. MarCh will be applied at a first stage for the enterprises of the Agro-Food sector as a pilot and results and achievements will be transferred to other sectors of the local economies as well as to other areas of the two participating countries.


D.2.1.3_Project Brochure_EN.GR
D.2.1.3_Project Flyer 1_EN.GR
D.2.1.3_Project Flyer 2_EN.GR
D.2.5.3_Project Flyer_EN.BG

D.3.1.1_Mapping Area_Thrace (GR)_GR (EN abstr)
D.3.1.2_Elaborating Vision & Strategies with Local Stakeholders_Thrace (GR)_GR (EN abstr)
D.3.1.4_Research to Agri Food Businesses in Thrace (GR)_GR (EN abstr)
D.3.1.5_Synthesis Report of Results & Definition on Intervention Axes_GR (EN abstr)

D.3.5.1_Mapping Area_Kardzali_EN
D.3.5.2 Elaborating Vision & Strategies with Local Stakeholders_Kardzali_BG (EN abstr)
D.3.5.4 _Research to Agri Food Businesses in Kardzali_EN.BG
D.3.5.5_Elaborating outputs of Activities 3.5.1-3.5.4

D.4.4.1_Action Plan for BuSSes in GR area_GR (EN abstr)
D.5.1.1_Strengths  Weaknesses  Diagnoses for 50 GR enterprises_GR (EN abstr)
D.5.1.2_Designing Business Plans for 20 GR businesses_GR (EN abstr)
D.5.1.3_Counselling to entrepreneurs_GR (EN abstr)
D.5.2.4_Seminars on innovation, ecommerce, branding & extroversion_training material_GR
D.6.1.1_Assessment Report on Pilot Application of BuSSes_EN
D.6.1.2_CB Lab on valorizing results & improving performance_EN.GR
D.6.1.3_Compiling Business Plans for BuSSes_GR (EN abstr)

D.4.5.1_Action Plans for BuSS in Kardzali area_EN
D.5.5.1_Strengths Weaknesses Diagnoses for 50 enterprises in Kardzali_EN
D.5.5.4_Seminars on innovation, e commerce, branding, & extroversion_training material_EN
D.6.5.1_Assessment report on pilot application of BuSSes_Kardzali_EN
D.6.5.3_Compiling Business Plans for BuSSes_Kardzali_BG (EN abstr)


Labor Market Digital Platform The Labor Market Digital Platform is an internet platform that tries to address the needs of local enterprises in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and job seekers who are based or seeking employment in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The aim of the Labor Market Digital Platform is to match local businesses and job seekers using an easy to navigate site .Job seekers can upload their CV to the platform and local businesses can browse through the uploaded CV and choose the candidates that meet their criteria and contact them. Job seekers can update their personal details and/or their skills, CV, etc. development of a career (Employers-Jobs Seekers) Platform. The main purpose of the e-platform is met employers with job seekers in Kardzhali area , in the field of Rural Development and Agri-food.

Digital Market Place Platform (Marketplace) with Local Products of Thrace and a user evaluation tool for businesses - producers. online marketplace in Kardzhali area, for direct contacts and deals, in the field of Rural Development and Agri-food products and services.

Digital Data Base for Branch Professionals Commercial and Business Networking Platform. The main purpose of the platform is the development of a directory of businesses and professionals for finding jobs and employees in Thrace, in the field of Rural Development, Agri-food. development of Business to Professionals Platform. The main purpose of the e-platform is the development of online register of branch professionals in Kardzhali area , in the field of Rural Development and Agri-food.

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