Promoting health on successful grounds: Enhancing hospitals' cooperation on emergencies (MediciNet II)

General Hospital of Komotini "Sismanogleio"
Multi-profile hospital for Active Treatment "Dr. Atanas Dafovski" AD

Project Background:
MediciNet II is the follow-up of the successful cross-border project entitled "MediciNet: Enhancement of cooperation between Komotini's and Kardjali's hospitals and medical staff for their best response in case of emergency issues focusing on car accidents", which was evaluated and selected by the Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, amongst all INTERREG Cross - Border Cooperation Projects, as a “Best Practice” Project under the Thematic Category: "Public Health - Social inclusion" and had also been selected by the Ministry of Health as the Greek candidate for "The State of Kuwait Prize for Research in Health Promotion" and the "United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize" WHO 2015's awards.

The overall objective of the MediciNet II Project is the improvement of the effectiveness of the primary and emergency health care services in the cross-border area of Rhodopes and Kardzhali, by upgrading the existing and setting up new medical services and equipment in the two partner hospitals. The project aims to:

1. Maximize the effectiveness of the health and medical sources of the two hospitals, providing advanced services to a greater number of medical cases and citizens.
2. Minimize the need of patients' transfer in cases of emergencies, thanks to the new improved medical facilities to be placed in the two hospitals, as well as the Healthcare Mobility Software to be applied by PB2, especially serving people living in remote and isolated areas of Bulgaria.
3. Strengthen the exchange of know-how and the cooperation among the medical staff of the cross-border area, focusing especially in joint emergencies' management.


1. Upgrade of the Operating Rooms of General Hospital of Komotini - installation of a fully equipped ready for operation Surgery block of four (4) surgical rooms.
2. Supply of special medical equipment related to intensive and emergency care in the MBAL Hospital Kardzhali.
3. Development of a WEB/mobile device application by the MBAL Hospital Kardzhali that will enable GPs in remote areas access to patient electronic medical records stored in the hospital HIS - administrative, demographic, and clinical information, family history, problems (diagnoses), allergies, medications, vital signs/physiological measurements, lab results/observations, X-RAYS, CTs, discharge documents etc.
4. Organization of a series of training activities, including cross-border study visits and joint master-classes for at least 40 doctors and other medical staff

One of the eight (8) finalists projects, selected by a panel of experts in communication and capitalisation in Interreg, that participated in the Interreg Project Slam 2019 grand final. The Interreg Project Slam 2019 took place on the 8th of October 2019, in Brussels, in the framework of the EU Regions Week 2019 and the eight finalists projects performed live on stage. MEDICINET II project ranked seventh at the live performance and second at the Interreg Project Slam Social Media competition, with the project's video receiving more than 1000 likes!

The General Hospital of Komotini "Sismanogleio" (LB) received the Gold Award at the Healthcare Business Awards 2019 for the results of the project MEDICINET II. The ceremony took place on the 2nd of October 2019 in Athens, The General Hospital of Komotini received the Gold Distinction in the category Quality of Services under the pillar of Hospitals - Private Clinics - Diagnostic Centers, having implemented for the last 26 months targeted actions with tangible results, contributing substantially in the improvement of the health services provided in the cross-border area of ​​Greece and Bulgaria. 


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