Creating new value chain based upon an holistic enterprise support mechanism


Project Number – MIS 5071113
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3a - Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and fostering the creation of new firms, including through business incubators
Intervention fields 066. Advanced support services for SMEs and groups of SMEs (including management, marketing and design services)
Beneficiaries Association Eco Nevrokop
Economic Development Agency HIGH WEST RODOPI
Start Date Apr 13, 2021
End Date Sep 30, 2023
Budget 595.117,00 €
ERDF Contribution 505.849,45 €
National Contribution 89.267,55 €
ENTER-VALUE project attempts to establish a Holistic Enterprise Support Mechanism, encourage networking among tourism, retail trade and creative economy and build new place brands based on local natural and cultural assets. ENTERVALUE encompasses the development of a Value Chain Strategy among tourism, retail trade and creative economy in the c-b area, the installation and equipped of two HESMs co-spaces (in Greece and Bulgaria), as well as the preparation of a tailor-made Value Chain’ Tool-kit and Modules and the development of a Virtual Business Simulation Platform. Along with consultation activities with key stakeholder’s addresses the creation of a mobile advisory unit consisted by an International Mentor’s Network, interconnected with the Universities’ Career Offices and with any other constitution related to tourism, retail trade and creative economy.
To this end, the project seeks the establishment of a solid and stable platform of cooperation generating economies of scale and providing opportunities to exploit the comparative advantages that the region has to offer. The project’s added value is the offering access to online workspace, visual pitch, and virtual business simulation platform. Moreover, the project directly improves the capacity of regional actors to support the development/growth of business. Within the above context, the mission of the proposed HESMs will be to catalyze an innovation ecosystem in the c-b area, which will bring the local partners together, hence existing companies, startup founders, industry, academia, investors, and other incubators, aiming to facilitate knowledge and take promising ideas to the next stage, by initiating an holistic approach. In this respect, the two HESMs mechanisms and co-spaces are considered as a technology and know-how transfer conveyors, aiming at commercializing applied research as well as market-generated ideas. The basic idea behind this approach is to create synergies and interactions between business support institutions and market. Moreover, the pre-incubators will contribute to establish pipelines for funding operations and to the better use of innovation-related investment funds, launched by Venture Capitals, Angel Investors and National and European funds.
The overall objective of the proposed ENTERVALUE project is to increase competitiveness of existing business and stimulate business creation by: (a) establishing a Holistic Enterprise Support Mechanism (HESM) which involves training, coaching and mentoring activities (b) encouraging networking among companies in the tourism sector with retail trade and creative economy and (c) building new place brands based on local natural and cultural assets, offering a sustainable competitive advantage to the c-b area. To this end, the main objective is to efficiently capture value in end markets, in order to generate greater profits and create mutually acceptable outcomes for all the firms involved in the Value Chain (VC) from production to consumption and disposal. In this respect, ENTERVALUE aims to keep current job positions and create new job opportunities.

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