Green Urban Territories - Better Place to Live


Project Number – MIS 5047744
Priority axis 2 - A Sustainable and Climate adaptable Cross-Border area
Investment priorities 6d - Protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services, including through Natura 2000, and green infrastructure
Intervention fields 085. Protection and enhancement of biodiversity, nature protection and green infrastructure
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Municipality of Svilengrad
Municipality of Lyubimets
Municipality of Volvi
Start Date Jul 01, 2019
End Date May 31, 2023
Budget 1.139.772,90 €
ERDF Contribution 968.806,97 €
National Contribution 170.965,94 €
The Eastern part of the cross-border region is characterized by high degree of urbanization and with numerous protected areas. The Project aims to create a concept instantly embeded in urban development that supports ecosystems in and around urban areas, serving as major support of biodiversity in protected areas. The Project idea is to protect biodiversity through common measures in urban and suburban areas.

For the local people the importance of developing tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure must done in a way most compatible with eco-systems. This requires a common mechanism for coordination and planning at regional level, to cover all the institutions and representatives of civil society in the process of urban development led by the idea of biodiversity conservation.

The general problem whose solution will be indicated by the realization of the project is -How the region can achieve development of economic potential while maintaining and even improving the ecosystems?

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