Aiming at Improving Cross - Border Accessibility


Project Number – MIS 5009764
Priority axis 3 - A Better interconnected Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 7b - Enhancing regional mobility by connecting secondary and tertiary nodes to TEN-T infrastructure, including multimodal nodes
Intervention fields 029. TEN-T motorways and roads - comprehensive network (new build)
034. Other reconstructed or improved road (motorway, national, regional or local)
Call 1st Call for proposal for Strategic Project
Lead Beneficiary EGNATIA ODOS SA
Beneficiaries District Administration of Smolyan
Road Infrastructure Agency
Start Date Aug 17, 2016
End Date Dec 31, 2023
Budget 38.802.558,00 €
ERDF Contribution 32.982.174,30 €
National Contribution 5.820.383,70 €
Subproject 1: Construction of the new road section Dimario-GR/BG Borders from ch. 12+820 to ch. 16+147. Expected results are: New border crossing between Greece and Bulgaria.This connection will improve cross-border accessibility, allowing the development of tourism, industry and trade in both countries by improving mobility of goods and people. 
Subproject 2: Upgrading the Road II-86 – Srednogortsi-Rudozem and bypass of Rudozem
Expected results are:Upgraded 9.653 km of the road connection to the proposed for construction within this Project BCCP Rudozem - Xanthi. This will increase the traffic capacity to the BCCP and will improve the mobility of goods and people between both countries; will reduce the travel time and will remove the transit traffic to the future BCCP out of the city center of Rudozem by building a bypass road. Subproject 3:  Construction of the new Border Crossing Check Point Dimario -Rudozem 
The operation of the new BCCP is crucial for corss border accessability and the operation of the TEN-T axis Xanthi - Rudozem - Smolyan - Plovdiv

Suproject 4:Upgrading the existing complementary road infrastructure –The Road II-59 – Momchilgrad-Ivaylovgrad
Expected results are:Upgraded 32.133 km road connection to TEN-T and to the BCCPs. This will help for the connection and accesibility to the BCCPs and between the BCCPs.

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