Project Number – MIS 5131850
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Start Date Nov 23, 2020
End Date Nov 22, 2023
Budget 492.000,00 €
ERDF Contribution 271.830,00 €
National Contribution 47.970,00 €
The idea of the project is to promote cross-border cooperation between two existing enterprises from Bulgaria and Greece (towns of Blagoevgrad and Thessaloniki) in the field of the food industry. A Greek producer (Project Beneficiary) - a producer of whole grain cereal products and one enterprise from Bulgaria (lead Beneficiary), with main activity- import, trade and distribution of food products, will cooperate. The two enterprises will carry out joint activities for the purpose of producing and selling breakfast cereals, which will provide access to new markets. Within the framework of the project investments will be made in new machinery and equipment at the Greek producer, construction of a new logistics center for temporary storage and subsequent distribution of the products on the territory of Bulgaria. Once the investment is implemented, the economic climate in the cross-border region will be improved, the participating enterprises will have easy access to key markets and a broader customer base.
Fixed tangible assets for the Greek partner – machinery and equipment, which will contribute to expansion and improvement of the production capacity and construction works for the Bulgarian partner, which will build capacity for temporary storage and distribution of the produced products.
Within the enterprise, a project beneficiary will invest in the following machines and equipment: delivery, installation and commissioning of An Automatic cartoner for cereal packaging with automatic feeding, a Semi-automatic case former, an Offline labeling system and an X-ray food inspection machine. The idea of this investment is to respond to consumer demand and to user attitudes and changes in public awareness. A subsequent natural step in the development of the project is the construction of a logistics base on the territory of an available land in Simitli of the leading beneficiary. At the time of application, a permit is available for the construction of a new warehouse logistics center to be built within the framework of the project. It will store the cereals produced in Greece. On the territory of the center will be unloaded and arranged the products by number, type and quantity depending on the requirements of the end customers in Bulgaria. The lead beneficiary is committed to the sales of cereal products on the territory of Bulgaria and will provide these sales with contracts / orders / request.
As a result of the implementation of the project, it is expected to increase the competitiveness of two existing enterprises - one from Bulgaria and one from Greece, by increasing their sales through a strategic partnership. There will be an opportunity to export organic and healthy Greek cereal products outside the country, as well as the opportunity for Bulgarian consumers to consume new food products that are not available on the Bulgarian market. Last but not least, an increase in jobs in both enterprises is expected. A staff working with the new equipment and delivering the new products will be hired. This will be a step in increasing employment in the cross-border region.

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