Grektours Ltd- Pantelis Kandilis


Project Number – MIS 5131701
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 063. Cluster support and business networks primarily benefiting SMEs
Lead Beneficiary Grektours
Beneficiaries GREKTOURS O.E
Start Date Dec 29, 2020
End Date Dec 28, 2023
Budget 578.081,00 €
ERDF Contribution 319.389,75 €
National Contribution 56.362,90 €
The challenges the investment plan address are enhancing of competitiveness of two newly- established companies through joint economic development actions for market growth beyond the local markets.
Grektours EOOD is a Bulgarian company with the needed capacity and vision for success and development as a tour operator (NACE 79.12). The essence of its work will be the purchase of individual travel components and combining them into a package tour, which will be sold with their own price tag directly to the clients or/and through travel agents and mainly the partnering GR tourist agency. Purchasing at large volumes of each component, the packages will be offered at a better rate than the traveler could buy if purchasing individually. The degree of its focus on partnership with travel agent from the cross- border region relies primarily on its strategy of expansion beyond local markets. The Greek under- establishment company’s main objective is providing travel related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as hotels, flights, car- hire or package holidays (tour operators). This object will be realized within the planned investment.

In order to succeed, the two companies have established collaboration for joint identification of problems and critical points, the development of solutions, joint analysis of the different activities of the tourist sector, marketing and identifying possibilities, thus offering high- valued services to their clients and partners. The establishment of long-term partnership between the two companies is an important way of geographical expansion.
Within the current investment plan, the travel operator will create new business strategy to meet ever-changing customer needs and the diversity of demands from the increasingly prudent traveler. Joint Internet- based joint travel platform will be elaborated in order to provide integrated solutions to customers and sell or deliver services in an innovative way, thus reducing the buyer’s costs and providing competitive advantage. In addition, to help rise the actual sales levels, awareness- rising activities are envisaged as a means of delivering the information about the products to the potential customers.

Through the purchase of vehicles (a mini bus and a fishing and sailing boat), the two companies will gain and sustain a competitive advantage by offering a diversified tourist product. Furthermore, the purchase of office is foreseen and putting into an exploitation of the premises in relevance to the national legislations on the requirements for localization, adaptation and equipment of offices for tour operator and travel agent activity.
Through the proposed investment plan and the established collaboration, the growth of the companies is believed to be assisted in three ways: by maximizing the return on the investment, by helping the companies achieve a competitive advantage, and by providing the direction and flexibility to react to constantly changing clients’ needs.

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