Modernization of restaurants for the purpose of local gastonomy collaboration between Thassos and Kardzali


Project Number – MIS 5104598
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Start Date Nov 23, 2020
End Date Nov 22, 2023
Budget 494.879,51 €
ERDF Contribution 273.420,93 €
National Contribution 48.250,75 €
Gastronomy is an important resource that shapes the tourist product of a region, contributing to its development.In recent years, a distinct category of tourists has formed, forming a kind of thematic tourism. It is so-called Gastronomic Tourism, which is classified as alternative tourism The two enterprises / restaurants, want to invest in equipment and modernize their operation so that they can become a reference point in the promotion of thematic Gastronomy Tourism in their area.
They will have a unity of traditional dishes in their area, based on local products, with recipes based on the authenticity of the region.The 2 restaurants will be modernised so that they can enter the developing  market for alternative tourism, and specifically Gastronomic tourism. Will cooperate at local dish exchange level from the list of products offered They will create a new dish for vegan with ingredients and mix of recipes from Thaso and Kirjali They will integrate modern technology into the investment by redesigning the price lists and their Site. Dishes content and recipes will be registered in a micro site and captured in QRCode in the menu.



New machinery and equipment: equipment for both the interior and the exterior of the restaurant (tables, chairs, pergolas, air conditioning units); equipment for the operation of the restaurant (professional oven; shoch cooler; vacuum packaging machine; ICT equipment; van vehicle); rooftop solar panels of 21,62 kWp capacity; EN ISO 22000:2018 / Food safety management system; software to control deliveries and sales.





DIMITREKOS PANAGIOTIS (tavern) & (pizzeria)

Construction/remodelling of existing buildings:  restaurant-tavern "GREEN SEA" (pressed cement mortars for bathrooms; coating of exterior spaces with slate slabs; floor and wall tiles;
installation of false floors; oil painting; construction of a wood-burning oven);  restaurant-pizzeria "MARE VERDE" (colored plasters - pressed cement mortars, cut-to-size work; coating of exterior spaces with tiles; tiles in the semi-outdoor area; cladding with aging bricks on the facade)



New machinery and equipment: refrigerators, work benches, dishwashing sink units, professional furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, beach poofs), central fire extinguisher,  electrical professional appliances (refrigerators, cooking hobs, absorber unit, citrus juicer, dishwasher machine and modern steam-cooking oven, video surveillance system); EN ISO 22000:2018 / Food safety management system;





Promotion of Gastronomy:  Organisation of two events to promote the two cuisines of the two beneficiaries and of course their national cuisines. The first event was held in Greece, at the restaurant GREEN SEA of the GR-Project Beneficiary on 22/11/2023,  and presented fine Bulgarian dishes. The second event was held in Bulgaria,  at the restaurant PARADISE of the BG-Project Beneficiary on 18/12/2023, and presented fine dishes from Greece.
Creation of a brand new joint dish  "LAMAKAZA": The two groups of cooks from the two beneficiaries proposed the creation of a dish that would contain at least one local product and if possible even fall into the category of protected or in the process of declaring them as protected of local importance. The representative products that were chosen were: the virgin olive oil from Thassos (GR),  the kale (cabbage) and from Kardzhali (BG)  and the mountain bean of Smilyan (BG). The interest-bearing dish of the partnership, after being prepared in different ways, was evaluated and appreciated accordingly by an experienced connoisseur, the final version with garlic it was baptized  with the bridging name: "LAMAKAZA".


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