AMS OOD-Access Pharma S.A.-Development and operation of 2 pharmaceutical warehouses in the Cross border Area of Greece and Bulgaria


Project Number – MIS 5104586
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Lead Beneficiary ACCESS PHARMA S.A.
Beneficiaries AMS OOD
Start Date Dec 09, 2020
End Date Oct 08, 2023
Budget 564.879,63 €
ERDF Contribution 312.096,00 €
National Contribution 55.075,76 €

The proposed investment plan aims to the valorization of the growth prospect in the wholesale pharmaceutical sector. Two companies, an existing one from 2006 with significant experience in the sector, and a new one which has a acquired another company with huge experience in the pharmaceutical sector are planning to develop two new wholesale units in the Cross Border Area. Highly specialized executives, concrete university background, specialized consultants, strong financial capacity, positive growth prospect exchange of knowledge and knowhow between the partners guarantee the success of the investment plan


The investment plan of AMS OOD constitutes of the construction of a wholesale warehouse for pharmaceutical and medical products, in a plot purchased (before the project start) in Kardzhali. The contractor was selected on 09/11/2021 and the construction site opened on 19/11/2021. The construction of the foundations was completed by the end of December 2021; the main structure reached elevation 4.20m (floor 1) аt the end of February 2022 and at the end of April 2022 - elevation 7.20m (floor 2). In the summer of 2022, all construction works were finalized and all necessary acts and protocols were drawn up, according to the relevant Bulgarian legislation (Law on Spatial Planning). In September 2022, the building was registered in the cadastral map and the Building Identification Number was issued. The Municipality of Kardzhali issued the certificate for commissioning in Sept, 2022 (Certificate No. 100/29.09.2022) and on 1st Sept, 2023, the Drug Executive Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria issued a Permit No. BG/WDA/MD-0694 for wholesale trade in medical products with warehouse address: Kardzhali, Industrial Zone "Iztok", 2, Proizvodstvena Str.


Access Pharma S.A. rent a building and created a new, contemporary unit for the wholesale of pharmaceutical goods. The costruction works implemented refer to renovation and remodeling of the building, including the installation of shadow systems for the conservation of energy. Machinery and equipment was purchased, including: Air conditions, PCs, Laptops, Server, dexions, barcode scanners, barcode printers, freezer,  power pair/generator , printers, UPS, whereas a business mini-van was also purchased for the goods' transportation. The company's logo, brand identity and website were designed/developed ( The company received the ISO 9001:2015 Certification for quality management and the Software ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning to manage day-to-day business activities (such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations).






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