Creation of a photovoltaic company in Bulgaria and development of a photovoltaic park in Greece as a demonstration of their products


Project Number – MIS 5104596
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Start Date Dec 21, 2020
End Date Dec 20, 2023
Budget 497.695,00 €
ERDF Contribution 274.976,49 €
National Contribution 48.525,26 €
The investment plan of KARAKOSTAS PHOTOVOLTAIKA THRAKIS P.C. IKE presents the creation of an interconnected photovoltaic power plant with a nominal power of 500kw. The Photovoltaic Park will be installed on a parcel of 28.826 square meters. The basic mechanical equipment of the investment consists of the photovoltaic elements for converting the solar energy into DC electric power, the inverters for the conversion of the DC voltage to the AC voltage of the PPC network and the metal bases on which they are based the photovoltaic elements. In addition, a robust and reliable PV system supports as well as an extensive and well-designed wiring network which are required both for connecting. The equipment takes into account the important peculiarities of the Greek area. The equipment package is designed with the help of sophisticated design and computing software that have taken into account all the climatic and  environmental specifics of the installation site. The performance of the system is modeled and monitored on a daily basis, taking into account the operating temperature and the voltage of each element as well as the losses within the system.  The investment plan of SOLARCELLS EUROPE L.T.D presents the Installation of equipment for the production of solar cells in a rental space 300 square meters in Roditis’ area. Solar cells, will have all required international certifications for high quality panels and Solarcells Europe LTD will sell cells to producers of electricity in order to install photovoltaic parks. The company will design and propose solutions for the needs of customers, while trying to build competitive advantages through innovations.



The photovoltaic park with a total installed capacity of 500kWp, collects and converts the sun's rays through the photovoltaic panels (which consist of a number of photovoltaic cells in a circuit) into electricity, which is then converted through the inverter from direct to alternating current and through the power station, is fed into the national alternating current grid for final exploitation of the electricity produced. 



Motion detectors and photocells are connected via a central unit to an alarm receiving centre. The cameras record 24 hours a day to protect the lives of employees and company property. The fire detectors operate 24 hours a day and inform accordingly.





New machinery and equipment
1. B-1325 CNC LASER CUTTING MACHINE: This machine cuts into the photovoltaic glass panel paths through which the circuits of the photovoltaic cells are connected

2. ASSEMBLING MACHINE: Light table, on which we work on the photovoltaic cells. The light through the machine table facilitates the soldering.

3. CELL TESTER: We check whether the photovoltaic cell is working normally or has a problem.

4. EVA BACKSHEET CUTTING STATION: It cuts the laminated paper that is placed on the back of the photovoltaic panels (back sheet), when the photovoltaic panels are monoficial.

5. FRAMING MACHINE: It angles and tightens the aluminium frame that is placed around the perimeter of the photovoltaic panel.

6. SEMI AUTOMATIC LAMINATOR: This is where the photovoltaic panel is placed before the mounting of the frame. A silicone film is placed over the panel and under the glass panel. Heating and compressing the silicone sheet along with the laminated paper and cells, they come together and become one body.

7. SOLDERING RIBBON CUTTING MACHINE: It checks the bonding quality of the tin and cuts it into pieces according to the current needs.

8. SUN SIMULATOR: It checks the performance of the panel by simulating in sunny conditions and measuring its output.

9. 3D PRINTER: Prints template pieces (e.g. junction box (waterproof plastic box, at the back, where the circuits of the photovoltaic panel end.

ATC CNC ROUTER carves plastic pieces and forms them into standard roof tiles with the appropriate slots to accommodate high-strength photovoltaic glazing under which photovoltaic panels (cells) of a similar size are placed.

Pallet trucks that can lift very heavy pallets (the photovoltaic glass panels are very heavy) to a great height without the need for electricity but only mechanical power.

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