Construction of a shipyard in order to form a sailing boat fully equipped for disabled people.


Project Number – MIS 5104594
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Beneficiaries SAIL SHIPS Ltd
Start Date Dec 21, 2020
End Date Dec 20, 2023
Budget 584.032,50 €
ERDF Contribution 322.677,96 €
National Contribution 56.943,17 €
The investment project of the under establishment Company BLUE ORANGE M.C.P.Y is based on the upgrade of equipment of a sailing ship with the capacity of eight (8) beds, with the aim of the ability to fully accommodate people with mobility problems, in the context of alternative tourism in a very large category of tourists (Greeks and Europeans and not only), who are unable to enjoy the sailing because of “motor” problems. The company being set up innovates and creates a new tourist product, which the Greek seas are missing today and there is no other domestic tourist business. The investment project of the under establishment Company SAIL SHIPS L.T.D. is based on the creation of an industry for manufacturing and repairing sailing boats. Its goal is to specialized in constructions for people with disabilities. It is important to mention that in Greece, although designated as a marine country, there is no plenty of shipping yards for both small and large sailing ships. So the region of Bulgaria being neighboring seems to be a good business location for the establishment of such a business. The combination of these two companies is ideal for their cooperation, but especially a good start for the strengthening of these two sectors. So Sail Ships L.T.D will help the other partner to transform the sailing boat adjusted to disabled passenger’s needs and Blue Orange Sailing M.C.P.Y will offer the knowledge about disabled people and their needs to the other partner in order to produce the total product



New machinery and equipment: 
submarine drone; navigation marine system; anchor worker; delta anchor; anchor remote control; electric seat for disabled people; water desalination machine; electric toilet pump; electric pumps for inflow water; system for hot and cold water; deep discharge battery; starting battery; generator; central sound system; installation services for electrical networks; antenna support ARM; EPIRB (Device that sends the details and coordinates of the vessel, in case of danger); auto pilot; radar; sonar system; electric hydraulic catwalk; VHF GPS-antenna; VHF portable; camera system; bowthruster (boat side displacement propeller); electric seat (electric mobility chair for the disabled on a fixed trajectory); autonomous immersion system; outboard engine; lifeboat; lifejackets





Equipment and mechanical systems facilitating access by disabled individuals



New machinery and equipment
6 SCISSOR LIFTS they are transported to piers where the combination of 2 allows working at a very high height (ship sails); 3D PRINTING MACHINE; 3 LASER MARKING MACHINES to engrave high strength (salt corrosion) warning labels (danger, information (position of life jackets) etc.); CNC PLASMA to cut metals in any dimension and shape (depending on the damage to the ship); CCTV & ALARM - Motion detectors and light barriers are connected via a central unit to an alarm receiving center when the business is closed





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