ena Development Consultants G.P – PERPERA TOUR Ltd


Project Number – MIS 5104592
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Lead Beneficiary ena Development Consultants G.P
Beneficiaries “Perpera Tour” Ltd
Start Date Dec 15, 2020
End Date Dec 14, 2023
Budget 464.661,80 €
ERDF Contribution 256.725,64 €
National Contribution 45.304,53 €
One existing and one new company of the Greek and Bulgarian adjacent areas, respectively, are planning to cooperate and establish synergies in the sustainable tourism sector aiming at the provision of enhanced combined tourist products and tourist exchanges.
The Greek partner will built in Xanthi a Conference Centre consisted of a state-of-the-art venue room along with supporting services areas (reception-secretariat, lobby). In addition they will support the facility and also the respective operations of the Bulgarian partner by developing and utilizing dedicated innovative software (booking, event promoting and handling subsystem, remote participation etc.).
The Bulgarian partner will establish at Stambolovo district of Haskovo region a tourism services (guests transferring, sightseeing, sports activities) offering enterprise, which will support its operation by two mini-vans and also by the construction of brand-new minisports facilities (sports field, open air fitting installations, mini-golf etc.). Last, the two partners will undertake common actions concerning the management, communication and promotion, while within the context of a strategic partnership agreement they will also cooperate in the everyday running of their enterprises (both will make use of the qualified software and also will jointly run specific activities of the events).


Perpera Tour Ltd

Construction of: mini-sports facilities; a multifunctional playground; mini-golf court; paths/stairs and ways to connect the facilities with visitors and athletes; openwork fence; plant of 5 different types of trees and 6 different types of bushes.

Equipment: multi-functional playground (installation of a tennis court;  a volleyball playground; mini-soccer; lighting; safety nets);  yard and stands (plastic seats for 50 attendees with UV protection; wooden benches with backrests; litter bins; park lighting units with LED); outdoor fitness area (device "Ergometer and stepper"; device for pull-ups and body muscles; device for improving the abdominal muscles); mini golf course (10-hole mini golf equipment).






ena Development Consultants G.P

Construction works: a lift for disabled people, special sun protection-canopy construction, fencing of external area




Expenses for necessary equipment for the new venue that was constructed in the premises of  the SME, including server, 3 PCs, headphones, phones, furniture such as tables and chairs and display screens.



Development of specialized software that refers to an event builder used to create online events/ upload informational material /speakers/ online registration for attendees etc.


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