Project Number – MIS 5104572
Priority axis 1 - A Competitive and Innovative Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 3d - Supporting the capacity of SMEs to grow in regional, national and international markets, and to engage in innovation processes
Intervention fields 064. Research and innovation processes in SMEs (including voucher schemes, process, design, service and social innovation)
Lead Beneficiary LOTOS LTD
Beneficiaries TSIGELI P.C.
Start Date Nov 23, 2020
End Date Nov 22, 2023
Budget 588.172,70 €
ERDF Contribution 324.965,42 €
National Contribution 57.346,84 €
https://old-2014-2020.greece-bulgaria.eu/gallery/Files/5_4-FLYER_15X21_TSIGELIS-gr.pdfLotos Ltd. is a well- positioned meat production company, renowned at national level for its variety and quality of products. TSIGELI P.C. is a new company, the main objective of which is meat processing and trading. The investment plan envisages the launching of an installation for the processing, packaging and distribution of meat products and the purchase of transport means for delivery and distribution.

Lotos Ltd. will provide to its Greek partner raw and/or semi-processed meat products by purchasing 3 vehicles- specialized refrigeration/ cooling vehicles (heavy truck and van).  TSIGELI P.C. foresees the purchase of equipment for processing and packaging meat products and a specialized transport vehicle for distribution. The installation will be implemented in a property rented by the company. Thus, the current business partnership is seen as a tool to coordinate efforts, resources, knowledge and skills, to jointly solve problems, enabling the two companies more effectively to overcome problems of market access, information, infrastructure, technological innovations and jointly participate in the CB market.

The benefits that the investment is expected to bring about is to help the partnering enterprises improve their competitiveness, while the level of competition prevailing today makes it necessary to minimize operation costs along the production- processing- distribution chain, and this is often decisive for remaining in or being excluded from the market.


- Flyer (EN/BG)
- Purchase of 3 vehicles- specialized refrigeration/ cooling vehicles (heavy truck and van)




Company Flyer (GR / EN)
Company Website: https://tsigeli.gr/

New machinery and equipment
Tray sealer:  a packaging machine in which we can store and preserve fresh food in a modified atmosphere. As a result, the food is kept fresh and without changing its characteristics, such as color and shape for a longer period of time.

Fridge system: consists of a meat refrigerator and a meat freezer
The meat refrigerator is a special chamber built with thick external panels and a powerful machine that maintains a continuous low temperature from -2 to +2 degrees Celsius, so that meat can be kept fresh and unaltered for a significant period of time. The meat freezer is a machine with thicker panels and a more powerful compressor that can reach lower temperatures of -28 to -30 degrees Celsius. It allows meat to be frozen properly and it can also store and maintain frozen meat for a very long period of time.

Labelling system with software and scale: a digital printing and scaling machine that gives us the ability to manage the labels and the printing remotely from a computer software. The software also gives us the opportunity to change or add different kind of sizes, logos, text and rearrange the positions of the labels’ characteristics as needed. We can also store as many fixed labels and printing programs we need for every product that we create.

Metal detector: a food safety machine which helps ensuring product quality. After the initial process, the final product passes through the metal detector, in order to detect and to prevent the possibility that any kind of small pieces of metal, such as steel, aluminum, iron, etc., has been left inside the meat products by accident.

Vacuum machine: a packaging machine in which we can store fresh food in a vacuum meaning that there is no atmosphere inside. This type of packaging prevents the bacteria to grow and as a result the meat products are kept fresh for even longer period of time.

Bandsaw: a meat processing machine that allows us to cut large and hard pieces of meat or pieces of meat that have hard bones easily and with more precision.

Meat kneader – mixer: an automatic processing machine in which minced meat is put inside together with various spices and herbs and are being mixed for some time depending on the product and the amount that you put inside to give us the flavor and texture that each meat preparation needs.
Meat Mincer: a meat processing machine in which we place smaller pieces of meat for pulping, that allows us to create meat preparation products, such as burgers etc.

Transport vehicle

Construction/remodelling of existing building
Floor tiling: Installation of cement mortar and new floor tiles in an area of 300 square meters that includes the ground floor and also the basement.

Electrical installations: Complete electrical installation so that all industrial meat processing and grading machinery can be installed and operating. This expense includes the installation of a new separate electrical panel with individual fuses and cable lines for each of the machines and of course the installation of new thicker cables that start from the original panel to each machine. It also included new lighting throughout the installation based on the specifications needed by the food processing units.

Security system/protective system against hazards

Development and commercialization of new products
The subject of the study that was prepared is the proposal for the creation of a sales policy plan for the company Tsigeli P.C. which operates in the meat and meat products sector.
The first section of the study provides an overview of the products in the meat and meat products industry. This includes a detailed description of the various types of meat and processed meat products available in the market, highlighting their characteristics.
The second section of the study offers a concise analysis of the fundamental elements of the industry, covering businesses operating within it, market supply-demand, distribution channels, competitive environment, and a SWOT analysis.
The third section of the study delves into the establishment of sales objectives and the development of the key points of a marketing strategy for the company. The structure of the strategy includes three key elements: defining goals and objectives for the new unit, selecting the target market, and positioning the product.
1. Goals and Objectives: The company aims to secure a significant market share by offering high-quality products at competitive prices. Distribution will target various outlets such as fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and catering services.
2. Target Market Selection: The market is defined at the level of Central Macedonia and the broader national level, considering the domestic market's scope and the constraints and opportunities for the company.
3. Product Positioning: The company will highlight the reasons why consumers should choose its products, emphasizing their advantages over competitors. Given the industry's low prevailing prices, competing on quality rather than further reducing prices is essential.
The marketing strategy should include:
•  Stable pricing policies.
•  Building trust with producers and consumers regarding product quality.
•  Implementing ISO and HACCP systems to maintain high standards.
Ultimately, the chosen brand name embodies quality characteristics that establish the brand effectively. By combining this brand name with its marketing mix, the company can effectively achieve its primary goal of capturing a significant share of the domestic deli market.
The fourth section of the study examines the areas of potential customer activity. In Central Macedonia, there are several areas with potential customers for wholesale meat trading. Primarily, within major urban centers, especially Thessaloniki, numerous food establishments source various types of meat to serve their customers (taverns, restaurants), particularly in areas with increased tourism during the summer months, serving tourists. However, higher consumption and consequently higher sales can be achieved in tourist areas in Halkidiki, which gathers the majority of visitors in the Central Macedonia Region during the summer season. Hotels serve a large number of guests and require a steady supply of products for their operation. Therefore, the company's goal will be for the salesperson to visit areas with the highest concentration of hotels (Kassandra municipality, Halkidiki) and/or food establishments (downtown Thessaloniki) and try to expand the company's client base.
The fifth section of the study examines the main tasks and responsibilities of an external sales representative of the company, while the last section of the study examines the pricing policy of the business, presenting the price list of the products that the company will offer.


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