e-Social Health Care


Project Number – MIS 5012037
Priority axis 4 - A Socially Inclusive Cross-Border Area
Investment priorities 9a - Investing in health and social infrastructure which contributes to national, regional and local development, reducing inequalities in terms of health status, promoting social inclusion through improved access to social, cultural and recreational
Intervention fields 053. Health infrastructure
081. ICT solutions addressing the healthy active ageing challenge and e-Health services and applications (including e-Care and ambient assisted living)
Call 2nd Call for proposals under priority axes 2 & 4
Lead Beneficiary Municipality of Nestos
Beneficiaries Municipality of Topeiros
Municipality of Zlatograd
Start Date Oct 24, 2017
End Date Sep 20, 2023
Budget 2.428.436,08 €
ERDF Contribution 2.064.170,67 €
National Contribution 364.265,41 €
Website http://e-socialhealthcare.eu/
The project idea stems from the fact that the partners are located in remote locations from large medical centers, thus the habitants of those areas face severe difficulties regarding the accessibility and quality of fundamental healthcare. The issue amplifies especially when it comes to disabled citizens and habitants who reside in areas that are located away from the urban centers of the respective municipalities (such as villages and remote settlements), thus increasing the risk of those people to be left without proper helathcare in case of emergency. Overall, it is a fact that the habitants of the cross-border locations often become victims of social discrimination and are excluded of their social rights. This project is going to tackle this challenge by establishing a responsive e-social health care system which will include advanced medical equipments connected to a web based system, in order to provide ad-hoc healthcare to anyone in need.
The overall objectives of the project are summarised as follows: a) to create web medical files for the habitants of the area, where all of the data from the measurements will be uploaded and stored, and made accessible at any time via the system by doctors volunteers etc., b) to provide health and social care services to elderly habitants and disabled people and c) to give incentives to network participants, which will guarantee project success and sustainability. d) to eliminate social discirmination and promote equal treatness and social inclusion of people no matter where they live. This system has an indirect effect which facilitates the prevention of medical emergencies and will also contribute to any studies regarding the medical situation of the area, as it will have the capacity to store the measured data (securely, anonymously) in order to provide vital demographic measurements and data for future use. 
The  project will capitalize on the experience of the municipality of Topeiros, which operates a similar pilot e-social health care system and will transfer its expertise to the other participants. The pilot system in Topeiros has been running properly for more than two years, serving dozens of habitants in remote locations (elderly and disabled people mainly) and hundreds of inhabitants of the area that visit the medical centers where the system is installed (hereafter Spots). Through the proposed project, selected Spots in the three participating municipalities will be equipped with advanced medical equipment connected to the upgraded Web Health System of Topeiros (multilingual, cross-platform), selected network participants (Teams) will be equipped with the same medical equipments and PCs in order to provide ad hoc healthcare services in emergency situations and give to selected Citizens (elderly or disabled people) a special medical device to make measurments at home.

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