European Cooperation Day 2022

Oct 14, 2022

This year the celebration of the European Cooperation Day (EC-Day) of the CP INTERREG VA “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” moved to the border line of Greece & Bulgaria, at the regional unit of Evros.

More than 100 participants from the cross-border area enjoyed the 2-days celebration that took place on the 7th and the 8th of October 2022 at the wider area of Orestiada (Greece), and included various events: conference, theater, hiking, dance). The celebration was organised in cooperation with the Project SYNERGIA and the ETCP INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean.

Day 1 - Conference

In the morning of the first day more than 80 participants attended the conference “The Study, protection, conservation and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage of Greece-Bulgaria cross border area” that took place at the conference hall of Petrota village, which is located at the borders of Greece and Bulgaria.

During the conference, special guests presented good practices that contributed as boosters to tourism, culture and local growth, while the Project Beneficiaries presented the results of the project SYNERGIA whose goals are to create better conditions for improved cooperation and economic growth in the border region; to promote tourism development and create networks for cross-border cooperation between different organizations working in the field of tourism, culture , sports, youth activities etc.

After the conference, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Stone, since Petrota area is known for the excellent quality of zeolite, a stone which ranks among the most environmentally friendly minerals and is extensively used in many sectors such as building, livestock and agricultural, industries of detergents, paper, energy, drying, insecticide and pesticide, polishing materials, catalysts and special filters.

The conference was organised by the Municipality of Orestiada, Project Beneficiary of SYNERGIA, in cooperation with the Joint Secretariats of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean and INTERREG VA “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”.

Day 1 - Amateur Theater

In the afternoon of the first day, the first Greek-Bulgarian Amateur Theater Festival was organised by the Municipality of Orestiada, Project Beneficiary of  SYNERGIA project, at Dionysos theater in Orestiada.

At the festival, from the Bulgarian side, a video of the theatrical performance “5BG Muffins” of the Studio Stoycho Mazgalov at center “Bratolyubie 1984” was presented. The performance consists of 5 mini scenes presenting the difficulties and the worries modern young people face in their daily life.

From the Greek side, the play “The Bridegrooms of Eutychia” was performed by the Theatrical Workshop of New Orestiada “Dionysos”. The play is a  theatrical transfer of a classic greek comedy movie with the same title.

Day 2 - Hiking “Walking without borders”

In the morning of the second day, more than 100 participants dressed sportive, gathered at Baras shelter in Pentalofos for a hiking experience “Walking without borders” on the trails of Petrota / Pentalofos.

The route they followed was an easy one, of total distance around 6km, through a forest path and a rural road, along the border line of Greece and Bulgaria.


After the hiking a fest followed with traditional food and dance. VIDEO-DANCE

The hiking was organised in cooperation with the Ambulatory and naturalist club of Pentalofos of Evros “DRIMOS“, Project Beneficiary of  SYNERGIA project.

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